How To Deal With Tree Damage From A Storm

Trees often bear the brunt of the damage caused by strong rain and winds. Damage to trees that can be caused by a storm include blow overs, root failure, crown twists, stem failure, branch failure, and lightning damage. These can range from mild to severe damage that may require complete removal if the damage is too extensive that it will surely result in death of the tree. These types of damage can also lead to damage in around the home or property since flying broken pieces of branches and twigs can result to break windows, block roads and result to other hazards that can only be dealt with by professionals.

What Steps To Take After A Storm Has Damage Trees At Your Home

Start with a quick visual assessment of the damage and take note of potential health hazards like sharp torn branches or toppled power lines. Getting a quick look will also let you know what to tell the tree company when you give them a call.

It is always important to take safety precautions. Wear sturdy rubber boots, goggles, and other protective gear when venturing outside for the first time.

Perform the assessment. Take photos as you go because this will be useful for future insurance claims. If you see minor damage like damage to small branches, these often do not cause major tree damage and you can allow the tree to recover by itself. Damage this minor often only requires clean-up of broken twigs and branches and sometimes a little light pruning.

Call the pros in case of severe damage, which is often the case if you see split crotches and stripped barks. This is because only professionals can assess how extensive the damage is and what measures are needed to nurse your tree back to health.

If you live in Greenville SC you can give us a call so we can perform a professional assessment and perform tree restoration or removal procedures as needed. As a family-owned family with decades of experience in the business, we have assisted homeowners in solving tree damage caused by storms. Services we offer include:

-tree pruning before and after major storms

-lightning protection

-tree hazard assessments

-tree support installation

-tree restoration

-tree removals

1. Broken windows

2. Damaged home exterior

3. Blocked points of entry and exit

4. Debris in the yard

5. Downed powerlines

A strong storm can rip tree branches and limbs from the trunk and send them flying everywhere. These could result in debris in your yard, broken glass windows, and even damage to exterior walls. In worse cases, the storm can cause downed powerlines that could pose a safety hazard. You can minimize damage by pruning the trees prior to a big storm. You can also ensure proper and safe removal of tree damage and debris from your property by working with professional tree removal services.

Storms can cause serious damage to the trees on your property and as a result, on your home as well. Have your trees pruned prior to a big storm to minimize flying tree debris. Afterward, you can work with professional tree service providers to remove broken tree debris, treat damaged trees or remove dead ones. If you live around Grenville SC or anywhere around Upstate South Carolina and you are dealing with tree damage, give Arbor Care Solutions a call. As a family-owned and operated company, we have decades of experience providing reliable and professional tree services to loyal customers. You don’t need to deal with tree damage on your own.

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