Should You Remove Dead Trees?

Having trees around your house can be an added value in itself. However, when your trees are dead, it’s a good choice to remove them before they become a problem. Dead trees can pose numerous dangers to anyone who walks by or is near them. So it’s always wise to cut them down and prevent bad things before they happen.

7 Benefits Of Removing Dead Trees

There are many benefits that you can get by removing dead trees, among which are as follows:

1. Avoid Falling Trees

When you have a dead tree, you never know when it will fall. And when it falls, there’s no guarantee that it won’t hit anything and cause harm. Instead of waiting for unexpected future surprises, you should cut down your dead trees today.

2. Steer Clear Of Falling Branches

Branches can also be a problem when they fall, especially if they land in the wrong place such as on a neighbor’s property or even on their head. By removing dead trees, you’re eliminating this potential disaster.

3. Prevent The Spread Of Infectious Disease

If your plant dies from a disease such as white pine blister rust, chlorosis or powdery mildew, you should cut it down immediately to prevent the spread of infections. Several types of tree diseases are so contagious that they can kill the surrounding greenery in a relatively short time.

4. Make Your Yard Look Better

While trees can decorate your property when they’re alive, they can be an eyesore when they die. So by getting rid of them, your yard will be cleaner and look better. Their removal also frees up space that could be occupied by any new trees you may plant.

5. Prevent Pests From Coming

Do you know one of the favorite places of pests? It’s a dead tree, which they use as a place to live. Removing dead trees will prevent pests like beetles, wasps, bees, mosquitoes and fly larva from coming near your home.

6. Keep Everybody Safe

It’s no secret that a yard without dead trees is much safer than one with dead trees standing around, because whoever is there doesn’t need to anticipate the possibility of getting injured by one of the fallen logs or branches.

7. Avoid Long Term Costs

You may not realize it, but by leaving dead trees standing, you’re potentially bearing the long-term costs associated with them. If there’s a storm that causes your tree to fall and inflict damage to your property, then chances are your insurance will still cover the cleaning and repair costs. But if your tree falls due to negligence, then you’re likely to pay the price yourself.

It’s always better to remove dead trees than to keep them, because they no longer benefit you. Instead, they can pose a danger and cause material loss if they collapse.

Don’t wait until your tree problem becomes serious, call a tree cutting service to help you get rid of the dead trees in your yard. We’re a locally-owned tree removal company that operates in Greenville, SC and throughout the Upstate of South Carolina.

We’re ready to help you solve tree problems whenever you need us. Please contact us today so that we can act quickly to prevent the bad odds that dead trees in your yard can cause.

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