Stump Grinding Greenville SC

Arbor Care Solutions offers professional stump grinding services in Greenville, Simpsonville, Taylors, Mauldin, and more. Our team of trained professionals will quickly and safely remove stumps from your property so that you can increase the usability of your outdoor landscape.

Stump Grinding Greenville SC

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In the case of stump grinders, they are large pieces of heavy machinery with a carbide-tipped steel wheel installed on the front that rotates like a saw blade. Using the stump’s edge as a guide, the wheel is lowered and swung from side to side, with each swipe grinding deeper into the stump. The entire tree stump, including the primary roots below the stump, is finally ground up into little wood chips, which are then disposed of. In the unfortunate event that a live tree is taken down, its roots continue to thrive and develop new growth. In order to begin the rotting of the root system, it is necessary to grind tree stumps. The weather will have an impact on a large number of the tree stump grinding and removal procedures we perform.

Looking For A Local Stump Grinding Company Near Me?

When you contact us, we’ll discuss how thorough the tree grinding should be and how long it should take. Cleaning up and disposing of the excess debris are also discussed with you at this meeting. All options will be explored in detail prior to the start of the job. In Greenville, SC, we’ll work with you every step of the way to ensure that the project is completed to your satisfaction.

Arbor Care Solutions is local to Greenville and our entire staff calls Greenville home. We take pride in helping our community protect their home and improve their properties on a daily basis. Our team is also heavily involved in the community outside of work, and we thrive on the local relationships and referral networks we build daily.

Benefits Of Having Stumps Removed From Your Property

It is possible that after you have removed your tree, you may want to consider grinding down the tree stump in order to get rid of it as well. The use of our optional tree stump grinding and root removal services is available to all of our customers who have their trees removed by us. After a thorough tree removal operation is completed, stump removal is an extremely important part of the overall process. Typically, it is treated as a separate work order that will be executed at a later time. Our high-powered stump grinders grind the stump down to below ground level, converting it into coarse sawdust before it is hauled away for disposal.

We also recommend that you hire us to level the ground and add topsoil to your garden or lawn, as well as sod or seed, if necessary. For the most part, tree stumps are unsightly and difficult to have laying around the yard. Instead of dealing with ugly stumps, why not take advantage of our stump grinding service, which is both secure and permanent? ā€‹

Stump Grinding Greenville

Stump Grinding

Arbor Care Solutions will totally grind away your stumps and remove any debris that may have accumulated as a result of the process. You may even keep the wood chippings for your own landscaping purposes.

Tree Root Removal

Our team can also completely remove root systems from your property to make landscaping much easier. These root systems can be deep and vast, but out team at Arbor Care Solutions has you covered every step of the way.

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At Arbor Care Solutions we keep our promises. Integrity is a trait that resonates through our entire staff’s ethics. We look forward to serving current, new, and future customers to our fullest ability every single project.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Arbor Care Solutions is dedicated to our current and future clients. If you have questions pertaining to tree removal, trimming, or other concerns, please reach out directly!

3-4 Months is the general rule of thumb when determining the amount of time it takes for the ground the completely settle. At times, it can be important to bring in top soil to fill the void left from the stump.

Roots will simply decay overtime beneath the surface. Roots above the surface will typically be grinded as well or removed completely with heavy equipment.

Most stump grinding companies grind the stump between 4 and 7 inches below the surface. However, stump grinders have the capability to go deeper when necessary.

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